The plastic dehumidifier plays a fundamental role in the production processes of companies involved in transformation of plastic materials.

But what exactly is it and what role does it play in this field? We will see in this article, exploring its characteristics, operation and practical applications. Finally, we will discuss the advantages of the dehumidifiers offered by Vismec.

Plastic dehumidifier: operation and applications

Plastic dryers are machines designed to eliminate the moisture in plastic granules. In fact, the presence of moisture can compromise the material features and, as a consequence, the quality of the result of plastics transformation processes.

Therefore, the use of a plastic dehumidifier becomes essential to ensure the efficiency and reliability of the production process and the quality of the final result.

The operation of dehumidifiers is based on a condensation process, which can be summarised as follows:

  • Initially, the moist air contained in the plastic granules is sucked into the device. Then, the air flow passes through a series of heat exchangers, where it is cooled below its dew point.
  • In this way, the moisture present in the air condenses into liquid form and can be eliminated. This process returns the granule perfectly dry, that is, in an optimal condition to be used in plastic processing.

In this production process, the use of a high-performance and reliable plastics dehumidifier brings several advantages.

  • First, it helps to maintain the stability of the physical and mechanical characteristics of the polymers, avoiding alterations due to humidity.
  • Consequently, it reduces the risk of defects or deformations in the finished product and the possible negative impacts on performance when such a product is used.

In some fields, such as medical, food or bioplastics, these characteristics are particularly important, because they are also linked to consumer health, safety of use, and maintenance of high performance standards.

Similarly, the use of optimally dehumidified polymers as raw material contributes to the good aesthetic of the finished product. This element is significant in sectors such as design, construction, production of components for consumer electronics, automotive sector.

In the next section, we will present wheel dehumidifiers produced by Vismec, and explain their features and advantages.

Vismec plastic dehumidifiers

The plastic dehumidifiers we produce provide efficient dehumidification combined with great flexibility. In addition, they save energy, reducing consumption and costs.

These advantages arise especially from the possibility of adjusting the dew point of the air flow. In fact, the operating mechanism of our machines allows calibrating the dew point, keeping it constant over time, regardless of any external ambient condition.

Each Vismec plastic granule dehumidifier adds to this feature additional adjustment, like temperature monitoring and control mechanisms. Let’s see them in particular.

  • Smart Mode, that controls the temperature of the return air, automatically adapting the process to the production needs of the client company.
  • MPM (Material Protection Management), that guarantees the integrity of the material, protecting it from excess dehumidification. This achievement is important to ensure maximum quality and is possible by monitoring the loading mechanism and the return air temperature.
  • SLS (Safety Loading System), that prevents still wet plastic granules from reaching the production machinery, thanks to accurate control of the dehumidification time.

The latest proposal in the range of Vismec wheel dryer for plastics is Drycube. Drycube combines the efficiency of a rotor dehumidifier with an integrated pneumatic conveying system, a receiver for the dehumidification hopper, a receiver for IMM and all related accessories.

The conveying of hot materials takes place in a closed circuit: hot dry air is used to transport the material to the processing machine, and this particular technology allows the polymer to be kept stable away from changes in temperature and humidity from the outside air.

DryCube enables the automatic setting of the parameters of the drying process and continuously monitors the operations to achieve the ideal conditions and protect the material from over-dehumidification. It is particularly suitable as a stand-alone flexible dehumidifier to be placed on the side of the processing machine. 

When the dehumidifier is positioned next to a plastics processing machine (usually a press), this mechanism allows a greater flexibility and speed of use, reducing processing times. 

However, the Vismec product range for dehumidification is much broader and includes machines, control and measurement systems, and accessories. If you want to learn more and choose the most suitable solution for your company? Contact our team: we will be happy to support you.