Pneumatic conveying of plastic granules: what is it, how does it work and what are its applications? We are going to talk about it in this article, also introducing all the advantages of Vismec conveying systems for plastics processors.

Pneumatic conveying of plastic granules: what is it?

Pneumatic conveying of plastic granules is an efficient and advanced system for the fast and safe transfer of polymers in different processing steps. This method, which uses compressed air, creates a flow that is pushing granules through pipes and ducts.

The pneumatic conveying process, also called feeding, takes place through systems that integrate different technologies and equipment. We will see this in more detail in the next section, in which we will present the Vismec conveying systems.  However, let us anticipate that pneumatic conveying of granules offers several advantages compared to other methods, such as mechanical conveying. For example:

  • fast and continuous movement of materials without the need for complex operations or production interruptions;
  • greater control over the speed and quantity of material conveyed, enabling a more accurate and reliable dosing process;
  • reduced waste and more efficient waste material management;
  • pneumatic conveying in an enclosed environment, with reduced risk of external contamination.

These characteristics make this feeding method perfect for many sectors, especially those with specific quality, safety and efficiency requirements.

A prime example is the granulation of residual material from processing. In this process, plastic waste is ground into granules and then transported to the melting or extrusion machines, without waste.

The pneumatic conveying of plastic granules is also used in other industrial sectors, such as the production of containers or other products for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. In fact, in these areas, feeding in a closed environment is ideal for maintaining the integrity of the material conveyed, avoiding contamination or alteration of its characteristics.

Thus, pneumatic conveying systems, as we have seen, represent an advanced and highly efficient method of handling that offers many advantages. This is precisely why, among the auxiliary machinery that Vismec proposes to plastics processors, there are also various pneumatic granule conveying systems.

Vismec pneumatic conveying systems

In the range of feeding systems and components for plastic granule conveying systems we offer:

Our feeding and conveying machines and systems enable the automatic distribution of plastic material efficiently and effectively, through individual or centralised control systems integrated with OPC UA protocol. These include the Vismec FW50, capable of handling up to 48 transport stations, depending on the company’s requirements.

The advantages that our pneumatic conveying systems offer companies are many. Let’s see all.

  • Energy efficiency: Vismec solutions are designed and manufactured for maximum energy efficiency, reducing consumption and costs.
  • Complete traceability of the plastic granule, resulting in reduced processing waste and associated costs;
  • High quality results, thanks to the attention we pay to each individual component and its functional integration within the machinery or plant. An example? The dedusting systems we have just mentioned. In fact, our dedusting systems are used in high-tech production, such as in the optical sector, where the perfect cleanliness of lenses, optical covers and other surfaces is a basic condition.
  • Flexibility: we calibrate machinery and systems for the pneumatic transport of plastic granules according to customer requirements. In fact, Vismec products are available in different configurations, sizes and materials, depending on the field of application and the production layout in which they will be inserted.

If you would like to learn more about our granule conveying equipment and the most suitable applications for your company, please contact us and talk to our technicians: the Vismec team will be happy to help you.