Partners, consultants and partners of plastics processing companies

We are not looking for standard and easy to replicate solutions. We are listening to the needs of companies in the plastics sector to find effective and specific technical solutions, together. We are not simply competent: we are innovative, because training, research and technological evolution are part of our DNA.

We design and build industrial machines and plants for the trasformation of plastic materials according to the highest standards of quality and efficiency, to guarantee companies the best results. We adapt our work to the needs of each sector of application and we do it as a team, because only by combining expertise, ideas and different resources excellence can be achieved.

Lavora con Vismec, azienda che produce macchine ausiliarie per lavorazione materie plastiche

"VIS in Latin means excellence, strength and power, MEC stands for mechanical: at Vismec we believe that efficiency, research and results are part of our DNA"

Vismec soluzioni per trasformazione plastica: deumidificazione, alimentazione, stoccaggio e dosaggio polimeri

Vismec works to offer industrial machines for the trasformation of high-performance plastics: dryers, conveying systems, dosing and grinding equipment designed to facilitate and make processes easier and more efficient. Vismec machines and systems reduce costs and energy consumption, by meeting the needs of many different sectors.

Each solution is tailor-made to best meet customer requests, which we support at every stage: from design consultancy to after-sales. Each system is easy to use, thanks to an intuitive man-machine interface, designed and developed according to the Industry 4.0 principles.