In the plastics processing sector, accurate industrial storage of granules helps to maintain efficient production processes. In fact, storage integrates effectively with transport and receiving systems, optimising material management.

Furthermore, a good storage system, especially in particular situations, helps to preserve the physical characteristics of the raw material. This element is important, especially when its characteristics have an impact on the quality of the finished product.

In this article, we will talk about the main needs that companies have to face in industrial granule storage. Then we will present the solutions that Vismec proposes, highlighting their added value.

Industrial storage of plastic granules: challenges and solutions

Plastics processing companies are facing more than one challenge in the storage of plastic granules.

The common need is for solid storage containers that can adapt to different load volumes and weights. As we will see in more detail in the next section, the solutions proposed by Vismec for industrial storage are flexible in terms of:

  • Size and capacity. They range from small 100-litres cylindrical containers to large external silos whose volume can reach up to 200 m3.
  • Manual or automatic loading systems.
  • Other structural elements. Like the loading and unloading systems we mentioned above, these can differ in type, diameter and capacity, as well as in the additional mechanisms available to facilitate operations.

Having versatile solutions is a key element in aligning the characteristics of industrial granule storage systems with the different needs of companies. This is precisely why, among its products, Vismec offers modular containers or other types of adaptable structure, including options and accessories.

As mentioned at the beginning, plastic processing companies must also consider the need to preserve the characteristics of the material. We have already covered this topic from several points of view in various articles on our blog. For example, when we explained what dew point is and how it applies to drying systems, or when we talked about bioplastics. 

In the context of industrial storage, the topic becomes relevant when talking about the large outdoor silos used to contain plastic granules. In this case, it is important that water does not condense inside the silo, in order to avoid a contamination of he material. Vismec answers to all these needs with efficiently and strategically designed solutions.

Vismec systems for industrial storage

Each of the containers that our company offers for the industrial storage of granules is designed to meet different and flexible needs. Here are the main solutions we offer:

  • Cylindrical storage bins: designed to collect and transport bags of plastic granules without risk at the company’s production site. They are solid storage systems, entirely made of stainless steel and available in different sizes. They can be integrated with one or two suction probes and with a bag-breaking grid on request.
  • Square storage bins: more sophisticated and performing than cylindrical containers, they are already designed for mounting a receiver on each of the two sides. In this way, the product facilitates integration with Vismec granule transport systems. In addition, the suction valve with adjustable air flow simplifies the unloading of the container.
  • Big Bag Station with integrated big bag emptying system: its telescopic structure makes it suitable for emptying bags of different sizes. The bag is inserted into the frame of the big bag station via a suitable lifting system. Then the stored plastic granules are conveyed to the big bag emptying system designed by Vismec, connected to a suction valve with one or more outlets available in different diameters.
  • Indoor silos: silos with variable volume, from 10 to 80 m3, made of aluminium or steel. They can be filled using a standard vacuum conveying system or with a pressurised mechanism, which is much faster.
  • Outdoor silos: large silos for outdoor use, with a volume that can reach 200 m3, also in the double silo solution. All silos have a filling pipe, a discharge filter and access and inspection mechanisms that guarantee maximum safety for operators.

In the last case, as already mentioned above, use in an outdoor environment makes it necessary to prevent moisture build-up in the silo. For this reason, Vismec provides a drying system on request: the dry air produced keeps the granules dry, preventing the material from deteriorating.

Each of the solutions proposed by Vismec for the industrial storage of plastic granules meets specific requirements in terms of sizing, material handling mechanisms, and integration with other systems. Contact our team: we will be able to advise you on the most suitable storage system for your company.