What is the cyclonic filter, and what benefits does its use entail in the vacuum transport phase of granules and plastic material? Let’s see it in this article, where we also present the applications and advantages of the cyclonic filter used in Vismec conveying systems.

Cyclonic filter: how it works

Pneumatic conveying of plastic granules can take place either under pressure or in vacuum. In vacuum conveying systems, a depression is created inside the duct through which the plastic material passes. In this way, the pressure difference generates an air flow that vacuums the granules and conveys them toward their intended destination.

In this type of system, the cyclonic filter that separates the plastic particles from the air used for transport plays a fundamental role. In summary, it operates in the following way.

  • Suction of the granules: as we have seen, the granules are attracted by the air flow that is created by the pressure difference: in this way, the transport process begins.
  • Creation of the vortex: a vortex is created inside the cyclonic filter, due to the centrifugal force to which the air flow and the transported material are subjected.
  • Separation of particles: thanks to centrifugal force, the plastic granules separate from the air flow, which is then expelled.

This system has the advantage of avoiding any contact with outside air and makes the process contamination-free. So, cyclonic filter pneumatic vacuum conveying is also used in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical sectors, as well as, of course, in the conveying of plastic granules.

Advantages of the cyclonic filter in Vismec systems

The advantages of the cyclonic filter in this type of mechanism are more than one. Let us see them all.

  • Separation efficiency: thanks to its structure and its physical mechanism of operation, the cyclonic filter allows plastic granules to be separated from the air flow very effectively.
  • Robustness: the filters are designed and constructed to resist over time the continuous stresses arising from the activity of transport. In fact, this activity is very frequent and almost uninterrupted in the plastics processing sector.
  • Ease of maintenance: maintenance of the cyclonic filter is relatively undemanding and does not require much time or specialised operations. In fact, it is usually limited to periodic cleaning of the internal walls to ensure optimal performance is maintained.   
  • Adaptability: the filters, and in general the entire vacuum conveying system, can be customised to meet the specific needs of different plastics processing companies. 

The last point is one of the advantages of the cyclonic filter vacuum conveying units produced by Vismec. In fact, our systems can be customised in different configurations, even for long distance conveying.

But let us also look at the additional advantages of Vismec vacuum units.

  • Big attention to correct filter sizing. Unlike other more compact products, the double and triple stage cyclonic filters that we produce and integrate into our conveying systems are sized extremely precisely, depending on the application. For this reason, they guarantee better process efficiency.
  • Double filter with automatic exchange system Vismec filters can be supplemented by an additional back-up filter. The operating mechanism allows switching to the secondary filter with an automatic exchange system whenever the detection sensor signals this as necessary. A safety mechanism gives continuity to the transport phase, avoiding blockages, downtime and consequent delays.
  • Easy cleaning: in Vismec vacuum conveying systems, filter cleaning is also automatic. This further reduces maintenance time and costs.

Therefore, the use of the cyclonic filter in vacuum conveying systems for plastic granules enables more efficient and optimised feeding. The benefits? Improved process quality, reduced inefficiencies and a better ratio between investment and end result.

Are you a company operating in the plastics processing sector? Contact the Vismec team to learn about all the benefits of our vacuum conveying units. Find out how we can adapt them to the needs of your company and your production processes.