In this article, we are going to introduce big bag emptying devices used in the industrial storage of granular materials.We will start by explaining what a big bag emptier is and what its function is. Then, we will focus on the role of these devices in the transport and storage of plastic granules, and we will present Viper, the latest solution by Vismec in this sector.

Big bag emptying solutions: what they are and what they are used for

Big bag emptier series are equipment that companies use in operations involving the transfer and industrial storage of bulk materials, such as plastic granules. But what structure do these devices have, and how do they work?

A big bag emptier, as its name suggests, is a machine designed to efficiently empty flexible containers commonly known as “big bags”. These are precisely large containers companies use for storing powders, granules or more compact materials.

Keep their contents safe and controlled is important, especially in industries that require the transfer of large quantities of bulk material. The plastics processing industry is among the sectors needing this care, in which it is essential to properly store, handle and transfer plastic granules during the production process. Here the big bag unloaders come into play.

The operation of the big bag emptier is based on a mechanism that allows lifting the big bag and empty its contents in a controlled way. This process takes place through the use of conveying systems that regulate the flow of the granules, ensuring an accurate and waste-free transfer.

The careful design of the big-bag emptying stations allows their structure and operating mechanisms to the specific needs of the companies. Vismec manufactures the big bag emptying stations according to these criteria, to ensure an efficient operation and optimal material management, as well as maximum flexibility.

In the next section, we will go further into the operation of big bag emptying stations for the storage of plastic granules. We will look at the main elements of these devices and present Viper, our company’s latest solution.

Big bag emptying stations in the storage of plastic granules

Big bag emptying stations consist of several components that work together to perform the emptying process accurately and safely. Here are the main ones.

  • Lifting and support system designed to lift the big bag into a vertical position.
  • The big bag is placed on a stable support platform equipped with locking devices to ensure that it remains firmly in place during the emptying process.
  • Opening and unloading system to open the bottom or neck of the big bag in a controlled way, allowing the plastic granules to flow evenly and regulated to the conveyor system below. Different technologies used to open the big bag include cutting devices, butterfly valve systems controlled by electric or pneumatic motors.
  • Conveying system that regulates the movement of plastic granules from the big bag to the desired destination points, which may include feed hoppers or other transfer units. 

All these features are particularly advanced in Viper, Vismec new big bag emptying device. Viper is designed and manufactured to empty big bags, boxes or Octabin containers. It can be used to handle solid plastic material in the form of granules with a size of about 2 / 5 mm.

Here are its main technical features:

  • fixed painted carbon steel gantry-shaped frame;
  • carbon steel mobile carriage;
  • stainless steel moving probe to detect the material level in the big bag;
  • stainless steel vacuum pipe to activate the plastic granules pneumatic conveying process.

Stazione svuota big bag per stoccaggio industriale granuli plastici Vismec

Viper allows big bags or Octabin containers to be emptied automatically, thanks to a vacuum unit consisting of a receiver and a vacuum generator, connected to the vacuum inlet pipe itself.

The machine is designed to empty containers with a capacity of 1500 kg or more, of variable shape and size. Thanks to proper customisations and special probes, upon request, Viper can also be used to handle other types of solid materials such as regrind or powders.

During the conveying process, it is essential to monitor the granule flow to avoid overloads or interruptions. That’s why the parameter regulation is very important to ensure an efficient performance and must be carried out at any change of materials, containers and bags.

This is why the Viper big bag emptying station is equipped with a PLC control system that allows you to control and modify the operation settings without stopping the machine. Controllable elements include, for example, the settings of mobile carriage parameters, probe parameters, activation of the automatic vibrator.

Therefore, choosing Vismec big bag emptiers means having access to machines that can be precisely controlled, ensuring that operations are managed efficiently, saving time and avoiding downtime and material waste. 

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