An event dedicated exclusively to the world of plastic drying. Robert Tesar, in collaboration with FTPO, will illustrate the various types of existing plastic granule and the different drying technologies available on the market.



Which plastic polymers need to be dried and why ? What technologies are available to dry plastic materials and what are their advantages or disadvantages? The lecture will give you all the answers to your questions regarding drying of plastic materials. It will explain a little about the different types of plastic materials and the principles of drying. Further it will go into details of when material drying is necessary, which drying technologies are available on the market, how each single type is working and the differences.



Ing. Robert Tesar studied plastics Engineer at the technical institute TGM in Vienna. His work experience includes production of plastic molding in HB-Plastic and Philips in Austria, technical applications in Arburg in Germany and Engel in Austria and finally sales and technical consultant in Maguire in UK and USA and Piovan, Moretto and Vismec in Italy.